Episode 5

AI Ending, Trump, Trump, Trump and Survival Guides?

Donald Trump's grand jury indictment shocked the world. Elon musk and other AI scientists want all AI development halted and our producer Stephan has a list about how to survive if a zombie apocalypse happens?

Shut the Truck Up! is an irreverent and hilarious podcast hosted by two hilarious trucker Brothers, Bryan and CJ. From talk of the the open road to heart-warming stories, this podcast has it all. Join them for nonstop laughs as they tell stories about driving cross country, providing you with plenty of great stories about their adventures along the way. Whether it's talking about their daily and former lives as truckers or dishing out advice on how to stay safe on the road, Shut the Truck Up! guarantees a good time and great laughs.

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Shut the Truck Up!
Honest Trucking Conversations: An Unfiltered Look at the World of Trucking

About your hosts

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CJ Tweedy

Being the youngest of four boys, CJ is always ready to speak his mind and share his experience working in the trucking industry for over twenty years.
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Bryan Anderson

With over two decades of industry experience and doing everything from over the road driving to running one of oldest trucking schools in the United States, Bryan has decided to take on his next adventure, podcasting.